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Scoring methodology

Our mission is to help you to identify the best consulting company to hire. To simplify this, we rank service providers based on reviews gathered from our user community. 

The scoring mechanism allows you to compare the overall company rating as well as a rating calculated according to selected criteria.

2) Overall rating: it’s the arithmetic average of all verified reviews. Every single review holds 4 different criteria:

  • Scheduling: service delivered on time, according to agreed deadlines
  • Cost: service cost in line with the agreed budget/quotation
  • Quality: quality factors of service provided and deliverables are being satisfied
  • Willingness to refer: willingness to recommend the consulting company and to continue the collaboration on potential future projects

2)    Rating calculated according to selected criteria: following the same approach as the overall ratings, this rating is the arithmetic average of the 4 key criteria but only considering the reviews that satisfy the selected criteria. 

For example, let’s assume that you are keen to understand the overall rating of a company only for a specific line of service and/or a specific industry, it would be sufficient to filter the company reviews by a line of service and/or industry to see the adjusted overall rating considering only those reviews made for the selected line of service and industry.


Reviews validation

In Conseasy all reviews are assessed and validated by our team daily to verify that the information that we provide our users are accurate. Information we verify includes:

  • Users’ employer and the related role
  • Involvement in the project 
  • Business entity name
  • Status (active/inactive)